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Earning from Blogging and Which are Top Earning Blogs

Well, if you are passionate about writing then blogging can be proved beneficial for you. Today you will see thousands of blogs and many of them are interesting. If you can write interesting content that able to attract your visitors and content is interesting then you can earn more than you will earn from any other business.  Let’s discuss here how:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Ad sense
  • Content Writing
  • Media Buying

Now Let’s discuss about blogs that are earning fair amount from their blogs. It’s their passion of writing that made them grow and today they are earning more amount than they   will earn from any other job.

  • The Huffington Post – It is one of top earning blogs. It is owned by Arianna Huffington. Monthly Income is $2,330,000. Main source of income is Pay per Click.
  • Tech crunch – It is best technology blog and provides latest information in their posts about technology. Its main earning source is advertising banners. They charge for placing banner to their blog monthly/ quarterly/ yearly. It depends how you finalizes deal. Owner of this blog is Michael Arrington and average monthly income is approx $800,000.
  • Life Hacker – Life Hacker was launched on 31 January 2005 and owned by Nick Denton. It is about life hacks and also writes about technology.  Its main source of income is advertising banner and monthly income is approx $60,000.


  • Coolest Gadgets – Its owner is Allan Carlton and monthly income is about $30,000. Main source of income is advertising banners. It is about newly launched cool gadgets.

  • PC Mech – It’s about Personal Computer and related areas. Its main source of income is Affiliate Sales. It was started by David Risley and currently earning about $16000 monthly.

  • Tuts plus – It is created by Collis Ta’eed and earning about $120,000 per month. Its main source of income is Membership Area.


My motto is to aware you about possibilities of income in blogging field. We will discuss about how we can start a blog and blogging platforms in our next posts. I have added different blogs just to show that these all earning fairs amount of money from different resources.


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