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Why Facebook and Whatsapp is Popular? It’s Marketing Strategy My Friend.

Had you ever think why we only prefer to use Whats app and Facebook only for Social Networking?  I saw the people of every age group using Whats app and Facebook at places like Hospitals, Bus stops etc. If people are sweating then even they look for any updates in their social media accounts. Aren’t these apps taking people to imaginary world? Are they useful for everyone?

I use Facebook rarely and most of the time I deactivate account but people loves it. I saw the people making connections with other people so It’s good way of interacting with friends and family members. We heard about bad incidents also but these apps are providing privacy mechanisms so we can’t make them responsible for all of them.

What distinguishes these applications from others is Marketing Strategy. Marketing Strategy of these apps is very strong and people are almost seeing these apps as part of their lifestyle and not a simple application, which were designed to make communication easier. It’s their positive point and entrepreneurs should study and learn the basics from these applications.

They are making changes some changes every month. They are actually understanding your voices and trying to making you addicted. You are using these applications because you see something new every month. How do they know about need of members? Are they recording voices as claimed last months?


Why You Use Facebook and Whats app? Let’s discusses at comment box.

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