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Why Businesses are Preferring the Search engine Optimization Instead of PPC and SMO?

What’s the best way to promote the website online? It might be the one of among those questions banging in your head. It’s not easy to task to start any business and it requires teamwork, hard work, dedication, and a good strategy etc. So now you landed your website and all the designing and development work is almost finished. What to Do Next?

Next is also a competitive step and need a careful analysis of the ways available in the market to promote the business online. There are lots of people who will suggest you go for Pay per Click, some suggest you go for Search engine Optimization and others will find Social media Optimization more helpful. However, these ways are proven fruitful for businesses already. Most people getting confused regarding taking decisions and they get upset when not finding any fruitful results. Let’s try to find out which one of these ways can be chosen and why?  

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is no doubt the best among these two methods i.e. Social Media Optimization and pay per click. Search Engine Optimization is very helpful in getting the traffic and we can say that every traffic that comes from Organic Results have the capability to bring the leads or generate the business.  There is a normal fact that I kept in my mind in the recent years that every person that comes from Search Engine Optimization possibly is the one who is in real searching for these services. This point increases the value of Search Engine Optimization even more.

Search Engine Optimization is also cheaper than Social Media Optimization and Pay per Click. When we choose to go for Social media Optimization than either we want to do Facebook Marketing or Instagram Marketing. We need to give money to two parties i.e.: Agency and Facebook for running ads!  And even after this much expense there is no guarantee that business will get any lead. Till here we might think that it’s the same for Search Engine Optimization also. Yes its valid fact but when we start doing Search Engine Optimization of any project the benefit we get remains same for longer duration of time.

Suppose we have started doing Search Engine Optimization and got top rank positions in same time. We will keep getting the traffic till our keywords are appearing in first page of Google. If have worked hard and build only quality backlinks, you’re on page is complete etc. your ranking will be stable for some time i.e.: for one month or two months or may be more. In this period you don’t have to spend any money on SEO Agency. It is not true in Pay per Click and SMO. The day you stopped spending money in Pay per Click You will no longer receive the visitors and leads to your website. Same applies for Social media Optimization, when you stopped spending the money on Social Media Activities there are lower chances of getting the same results as you were getting before.

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