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Want To Feel Like A Ninja? Here Are All The Ninja Weapons You Can Get!

It might seem far-fetched that the fascination with ninjas has only increased in the past years. Hoards of Kung Fu movies and content have gotten children and adults equally enamored with them! Ninja Weapons are very famous in popular culture and their stealth is legendary. 

Over the years cosplay and fantasy genres have increased their popularity. If you are a fan as well, then there is good news for you. You can acquire top-notch, authentic ninja weapons near you in no time!

What Types of Ninja Weapons Are There? 

People who are into history already know how important ninjas are in Central Asian cultures. Over the years they have become symbols of justice and bravery. And like any warrior legend, ninja weapons names have become household names now. Here is a list of ninja weapons that people love and collect to this day:

  • Ninjato – usually referred to as the ninja sword, it is a shorter katana sword that has a sleek and thin blade, ad a flat edge. They are lighter than samurai swords and are often used in pairs, one in each hand. 
  • Nunchaku – this one doesn’t even need an introduction. Nunchucks, as they are commonly known, are one of the oldest weapons. Made out of wood, ropes and sometimes metal rods, nunchucks are defense weapons to knock someone out or stop someone attacking you.
  • Tonfa blade – a highly dangerous and sharp blade, the tonfa blade is a wearable weapon that is usually worn on the elbow or forearms. It is like a double-sided wing that has pointed edges and a thin blade that can slash someone if they get close. 
  • Shuriken – also known as throwing stars, these ninja weapons are an all-time classic. They are small, pointed star-shaped blades that can be hurled through the air. They take practice and precision to use, but they are mostly used to distract and confuse opponents. Throwing stars are effective on open flesh, neck or arms, and would swiftly cut someone you throw them towards. 
  • Kama – it is a local Japanese rendition of a tomahawk axe. Used by farmers for reaping crops, they were also used as weapons against the Samurai army for self-defense. 

Collect The Rarest – Unique Ninja Weapons

It is important for weapon collectors to find the most impressive weapons they can get their hands on. Other than the basic weapons that everyone has, there are special weapons that aren’t very commonly known. If you are one of those collectors, then you have come to the right place. This ninja weapon list will feature classic weapons with modern twists that will amp up your collection. 

The Punisher Throwing Knives 3 Piece Set with Nylon Sheath

If you are a fan of the speedy and stealthy throwing stars, then these throwing knives will agree with you. The set features 3 colorful electroplated throwing knives that look modern and yet have the classic touch in them. 

2 Piece Batman Razor Spikes Arm Gauntlet’s

Another awesome recreation of the classic tonfa blades, these arm gauntlets are a mix of Roman and Asian. Get the feel of the gladiator and ninja with one weapon with these razor spikes tonfa blade. It is also quite popular as a costume item and a favorite among fantasy fans. 

Sharpened Kama Set with Wood Handles

A little simplicity suites everyone; these wood handle kama swords are the epitome of classic and modern. This pair of sharped kamas is made of stainless steel and comes with Chinese letter detail on the handles. 

All Ninja Weapons Under $20 Available Online 

Usually, when you want to collect cool weapons, your best bet is the internet. There are chances of finding one or two good pieces in your local pawn shops, but ninja weapons aren’t your everyday gadgets. In such cases, it’s better to go online and search for different ninja weapons and survey a few websites. If you search for ninja weapons near me, you will come across a plethora of online weapon retailers.

 A trusted name to go to is Knife Import; they host a vast collection of real ninja weapons in their online store. You don’t need to worry about the price, especially if you’re a collector. The ninja weapons list is given above and the selected items are available on their website for as low as $5 each. So whether it is cosplay or weapon collection as a hobby, your wallet and taste will remain content with these awesome ninja weapons on sale. 

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