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Utilize Volunteer Management Software to Maintain an Integrated Platform

Managing volunteers is a time-consuming work. There is now software which helps in handling the responsibilities and eliminating the errors to a great extent. If you have a computer with internet connection in your organization, you can choose the ideal management software for the volunteers keeping a few things in mind.

Look at the Features

The fundamental feature of the Volunteer Management Software is the track the locations and time table of the volunteer work and check the rewards and expenses. Other features that are necessary to be present in the software are,

  • User-friendly software is great for anyone who is not up-to-date with a technological
  • Only by clicking on one feature, broadcasting to hundreds of people has been made easy.
  • Presenting report summaries to the donors and stakeholders is done by following a simple step.
  • Marking comments on the experience of the volunteers.
  • Keeping profiles of volunteers regarding their health screenings, interests, background checks and skills.

 Know about other Specifications

Volunteer Tracking helps to track all the information regarding volunteers and to keep up a database. The features are customizable and the interface is easy-to-use. Here, the administrators and volunteers get the chance of signing up and their data are stored in the database. Following are other features related to communication and opportunities in the software,

  • Track volunteer hours are feature keeping a tab on the hours spent by the volunteers. Apart from giving out feedback on the volunteers, the reporting and recording section also focuses on assessing volunteer program.
  • Multiple events are promoted and different web-pages are optimized to promote the event. Additionally, the tool can manage the communication of a large group of volunteers.
  • From sending automated emails to SMS texts, communication is controlled on a large scale when there is an opening for registration or joins an opportunity.
  • The software also takes care of the employees who require training.
  • For extra hours of work, the volunteers can receive incentives.
  • There is also an option for the software to create and manage opportunities via the internet.
  • Accreditation related to wearing badges photos on the badges is handled here.


Things to Keep in Mind

The software needs to be cloud based for enabling the ease of use across any platform of any part of the world. As the log hours need to be recorded, the software needs to be well-configured. Managing KPI reports, enabling volunteer feedback, geographical reports, DBS management and customized fields are other basic things that that you should look before purchasing the management software.

It is also important to have social media integration and smartphone Integration for making the software more usable in every aspect. The CRM integration is another feature to evaluate the market.

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