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Top 6 Things Which Don’t Affect Our Ranking (Directly)

Hi Friends, This article is going to be interesting for those who are working in Online Marketing Field or who have their own business and trying by themselves to get some traffic or make some money.  Lets Move ahead:

1). Age of Website: I know you may have heard if you belongs to same field that its relatively easy to get ranking for old domain as compare to new domains. My Friend does Google care whether your website is being registered in 1998 or in 2017. I don’t think so its plane myth.

2). Likes, shares, plus-ones, tweet counts of your web pages – If you are paying too much money to other and generating fake likes, tweets, plus-ones, shares etc. My Friend stops it now if you are using it for getting benefits in Rankings.

3). Bounce Rate or Time on Site: It’s Another Myth. Google won’t care whether you have good bounce rate or not, and if you have well then it will give you ranking. It’s a plain myth.


4). Use of defaults that Google already assumes – Many people thinks that in SEO H1 tag is more important than H2 and so on. I don’t think like that. I have doubt in accepting that Google actually cares about these tags and they get special attention and priority.

5). Characters that you use as separators in your title element.

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