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Top 6 Flowers to Choose for the Wedding Occasions

A wedding is the most significant event for a couple. They do everything to make it lavish and exceptional. Both of the expensive or simple weddings consistently have a bunch of flowers necessary for the ceremony. Without blossoms, this life-changing occasion would be incomplete and shallow. 

For the person who is searching for something extraordinary for her wedding festivity, we are sharing some special wedding bloom that you can use for wedding blossoms. And all these suggestions of flowers you can order flowers bouquet online


Anthurium is one of the well-known tropical blossoms with splendidly shade waxy heart-shaped petals. It is additionally small and lightweight with the overwhelming stems if compared with roses. It is frequently use in garlands, wreaths, and hair blossoms. Marriage bunches designed with anthurium make a beautiful presentation, whether used alone or with other colorful blossoms. 

Anthurium blossoms are accessible in deep purple, orange, peach, pink with green edges, cream, splendid white, pistachio, lavender, burgundy, and white with green edges and numerous other comparative mixes. These blossoms will last a normal of about a month and a half after being cut, making superb wedding blossoms. 

Birds of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is one of the most brilliant color blossoms available with online flower delivery. It looks like a bird, and its leaves look like little banana leaves. Two petals are combined, taking the shape of two birds together with a third petal holds nectar at the base of the blossom. The blossoms have a long, thin, and durable stem and look best in tall containers. The blossoms are so firm, even a little gathering of three blossoms will make an amazing presentation.

Calla Lily

Calla lilies regularly used for weddings. They have sublime long stems with blossoms going from white to orange, purple, yellow, and pink. The stems are 2 to 4 feet in length, with blossoms taking after a sharp shape. 

The most simple arrangement for calla lily bundles is an armed bunch. It is agile and can produce using a single stem or by gathering 5 – 7 stems. A wide glossy silk lace might be folded over the stems and made sure about putting pearl corsage pins. Small calla lilies make wonderful bouquets and bunches.

Tall chamber of calla lilies makes marvelous highlights. The green varieties of the thick stems are wonderful in glass jars with a couple of rocks in the base.


One of the most regularly used flower is orchids for the floral arrangement. It has various varieties like Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, and Oncidium. They have shading from the light green, white, pink, yellow, lavender, red, and multi hues. 

The long stems with different blossoms frequently utilized in marriage bundles and exquisite plans. Single blossoms can be trimm from the stem and utilize in the hair, boutonniere, and corsages. Even though this is a tropical bloom, it is frequently use increasingly for decorations. It has a rich look and if regularly utilized with roses and other customary blossoms.


This is an extremely famous blossom with thick, dark-green stems. The blossoms take shape like an upside-down bulb, and the head of the flower is heavy, with round-triangular shape. The shading ranges from red, pink, white, orange, and a lot more. They look best in enormous, big jars and with other tropical blossoms. 

Red Ginger

It is a generally tropical bloom that ranges in hues from red and dark red to white with pink tips. The stems are long, strong, and thick and look best in tall jars as focus points. The blossoms can be in Hawaiian garlands by putting each flower separately in the string.

The red ginger flower is available in supermarkets and is to make tea for therapeutic use and in oriental food. Also, it is in scent, candles, cleansers, and creams or sweetened for a sweet treat. 

These are some of the most popular flowers that you can order with a flower delivery in Chandigarh for your wedding.

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