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Tips for Buying Paintings for Your House – Sirom Tech

Paintings can make your walls alive and refreshing, you will feel the positivity come towards you when you sit in the room. However, if paintings are not appropriate you might feel not so much energy. Here I come with an article focusing on helping people buy paintings for home, which painting is suitable for which room and some info about online art gallery sites. Move ahead!!

Let’s start with the types of paintings suitable for the living room according to feng shui, paintings play a feng shui role in a house in various ways.

It enhances positive energy always present in the home
It weakens negative energy which tries to stop your luck

Let’s understand it in a better way, choosing and installation of artwork consist of 4 elements, which are:
1). Subject
2). Location
3). Colour
4). Orientation

If you are caught in doubt anytime, you can place pictures of fruits and flowers.  Fruits and flowers don’t have any negative influence on positive vibes. The Five elements of feng shui should not clash with each other. They in reality and theory of Feng Shui clashed and destruction happen in reality but you don’t want that thing to happen in your specific area of the room.  So, it’s better to avoid the painting like below:

buy paintings for home

If you want to hang out portraits of national leaders, ancestors and great grandfathers at home northwest sectors are best place.  You can easily find original art sellers online, where you can buy original piece of art at good prices. You can also find cheap paintings but you have to check the quality of images carefully.

Indian rupee banknote

Landscape paintings are ideal for the workplace. Placement should be behind your seat. If you still have to buy its best to buy an image with a landscape  in it.

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