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Techie Talks – Deadly Corona Virus

We tried to reach the professional for their views about the recent happenings around us because of the deadly Corona Virus. Here’s what have to say about :

Sharma Hitesh an IT Professional working in Mohali says that it’s a difficult time for the people as they are facing difficulties. Some daily workers are also had to spend nights without food. I think Govt needs to work upon it and provide shelter and food for the needy people. Brutality is not a solution and awareness is much needed. People also need to understand that it will be very bad if we don’t follow the rules.

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Aashish Mehra living in Mohali, Chandigarh, working as a faculty in Gyanm Chandigarh says that: I support the moves of the government to call for lockdown and he says its only way we all can be safe from this deadly Corona Virus.  However, he is a little worried about the relaxation that is being given during the lockdown. He says that there are no benefits of lockdown if people are moving free without precautions around the city. He added People need to understand that it will be mass destruction. This virus is an epidemic and we need to save ourselves from it. So stay at home with your family, be a proud Indian, Thank You, Ashish added.

Navendu Gaur an IT company professional in Noida saying that lockdown is the only way to get protected from this deadly disease Corona. He fears that if we don’t take strict measures than the situation here will be the same as Italy, Spain, and the US, etc. It’s not a good idea to provide govt vehicles to people who struck in other locations because It will only spread the deadly virus in villages and small towns, Navendu Added.  About the police brutality, Navendu says: Policemen are risking their lives but people don’t understand. He added policemen, are behaving rudely with the public because people are not taking it seriously. He says people need to understand that all the measures are for their own safety and it’s our responsibility to stay at home.  He added: is desh ke log without strict order kuch bhi follow nahin karte.  

Rajneekant Rai IT manager in Bursys Pvt Ltd., an IT firm in IT Park Chandigarh supports the lockdown fully. Letus be at home to save India.. Unless we follow we are in danger… Jai Hind Jai Bharat He added. He is against the idea of transporting people to their places. People need to be taken care of straight away and they should be quarantined by the government. The government should provide food and supply to the people. See the condition of Delhi, They took the wrong decision and consequences will be wide, he added.

Rahul Singh Working as Campaign Manager at Cognizant, saying that he is been locked down since last week. Just save yourself from Corona infection. It will be a great contribution to the nations, he added. I never supported police brutality, Yes that’s not fare..but people should also respect the rule.

Deep Thakur, a Government employee working in Shimla Secretariat says that recent lockdown is a right step by the government and its result would be good in the future if people obey the direction in the right way. However, I also think that its seasonal influenza and 2-3 lacs people lost their lives every year, so don’t need to be panic, he added. Brutality is happening due to the people’s overreaction and because they are not ready to make any patience. This is India, you can’t control them without beaten, he responded. However, police personnel is not beating all and only those are being beaten who do not follow the orders and risking the lives of others too.

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Amit Rana an IT professional working in Mohali Punjab says I am speechless. वही होगा जो मंजूरे खुदा होगा, He added. I don’t have any reviews about Govt and politics. Earth is breathing and the pollution level is decreasing. he suggests wearing masks for safety.

Naman Sharma a Class 11th Student in GSSS Gokhra says that Corona is a deadly disease and it needs to be controlled as soon as possible otherwise the end results will be disastrous. I support lockdown as it prevents the chances of people to come in touch with Infected persons, Naman Added. I do not support the brutality but people need to understand that’s it’s for their own benefits.

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