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How to Target Multiple Keywords on Single Page?

Let’s start friends suppose I am working on a client website. It’s a brand new website and I have to start search Engine Optimization.  No work has been implemented on the website before. So what Should I do Many people get caught in same confusion as most of us do. What to do? Let’s Find out –


First step would be to open Google’s Keyword Planner or any other tool you are using.  I find google keyword planner very easy and I have very positive impact I guess because of Brand Name. Brand Name gives us sense of security that even if happen someone is there to take responsibility. It’s a negative point for those who have just launched their products in market. Anyway we will cover it in any other post now let’s focus on How to Target Multiple Keywords on Single Page.

1). Find 10 Keywords Using any keyword finder tool. Google’s Keyword Planner is best.
2). Now open Microsoft Excel and add keywords one by one and prepare a list.

3). Now Open Google.com and add keywords. Now you must see some suggestions and these suggestions are longer than these keywords. Drag down the Google search page to down. Now You will see some similar keywords just up the navigation’s (1, 2, 3,4,5,6 and So On).

4). Now you have to make a long tail keyword and take care that it’s covering all your targeting keywords.

5). Similar Process for Meta Tags and content  Writing. Give instructions to content writer and you will get all your keywords.


However if your keywords are very highly competitive than you can also create a separate page  for those keywords or you can do SEO and other online marketing strategies properly. It can provide you fruitful results at very short time. Feel free to comment for any queries…..

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