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Set up woolen products business on GeM

Due to the covid-19 woolen products business will get affected, GeM is a good platform to set up for woolen product suppliers business with government. 

Setup Woolen products business on GeM due to affected by covid-19

The Government of India has launched an open and business-friendly portal called E-Marketplace. This is normally known as GeM. This main objective is to support the peoples and un-employed and women, suppliers and everyone, who wants to earn such as rural area persons, MSMEs, SHGs, etc. In this Covid-19 situation, it is not easy to set up a new business in the market to start afresh.

And the same is true for all of us that due to the corona, the coming months will also come out with the same conditions, then the woolen businessmen who are waiting for the winter season to come to sell their goods. But it is very difficult for him to sell his goods that maybe this covid-19 time. They could not succeed in his business through offline business, so today we explain how to grow woolen business with government on GeM.

Why would woolen products business be affected by Covid-19?

The effect of Covid-19 may be for many months or maybe for many years due to which the government has not allowed the crowd to gather. Due to which the market of woolen clothes used to be felt, those people may not get this opportunity this time, so it is a bad effect on the business of all those people who come to sell only woolen clothes from outside in many states of India.

What is the suggestion for woolen products suppliers affected by Covid-19?

The woolen products suppliers can do business with the government on the GeM portal by their place. There does not need for such travel which they do from state to state and any country. The government launches GeM for procurement at the level of central or state. It is a direct platform, you can earn with government easily.

How can woolen products suppliers earn with the government?

The woolen products sellers and suppliers can earn by selling their products to the government on the government portal. They can participate in bid/RA also to sell their products.

How to set up woolen product business on GeM?

Woolen products supplier can set up their business easily with GeM First they just need to fulfill all the required documents and prerequisites. And they should have all the desired categories of products in bulk which they want to sell on GeM. After this, they need to participate in further processing if the supplier wants to sell their products on GeM.

If a woolen product supplier wants to sell their products on GeM then what is the process of business with GeM?

It is so simple the supplier needs to do a GeM Registration as a seller which means the supplier needs to take GeM seller registration and after this, the woolen supplier needs to upload products under the related product category which can say GeM product listing under the suitable product category.

If the supplier has many categories or subcategories which are not available on GeM then what can they do?

If such a situation comes, you do not need to hesitate or panic. It is very easy. All you have to do is request to add whatever category of the product you want. If you have any problem, you can take the help of a chatbox available on GeM, or else you can take the help of  Legal Salaah.

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