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Save Your Website from Google’s Algorithm Penalty

Since Google has introduced Penguin Update it’s become very important for the marketer and search engine optimization experts to choose the Search Engine Optimization strategy very carefully. Back in 2012 Google’s Penguin update has done tremendous damage to the ranking of most websites. Many of the small companies who were standing only on the base of Search Engine Optimization and other marketing techniques were affected very badly. Google Penguin was mainly focusing only on Low-quality backlinks. If you are a search engine optimization expert and was working at that time, you must remember about the effect that Google’s Penguin has done. So here we will talk about the safety measures you can follow to avoid the Google Penguin’s Penalty on your website. Have a look at the below-given points and let me know about your viewpoints about the same –

1). don’t use Black Hat Techniques – Its very basic thing but it’s very important also. Gone are the days when people were using the doorway pages to get traffic to their websites. Now it’s time to be Genuine! Don’t try to use any shortcuts, Success may arrive a little late but for sure it will come. It’s better to wait to get ranking positions rather than getting penalized by Google.

2). Keep your Content Unique – If you are using the duplicate content on your website than its time to change it As Soon as Possible. There is no place in Google Top Ranking for the websites optimized using duplicate content. Even if you are using duplicate content and has not been penalized till than even Duplicate content will cause a drop in your ranking positions. Google always prefers those websites optimized using fresh content. So be real and use only fresh content!!

3). Backlink Building – Keep a watch on to the backlinks you are creating for your website in day by day. It’s a good thing to do backlink creation for your website but if you are doing too much and not caring about the quality than you might be doing the mistake. Your website may get penalized as a result you will be out of Google’s search queries for almost 6 months minimum.

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