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Most Proven SEO Off Page Techniques

Google has changed its algorithm a lot in recent years and it has changed the Search Engine Optimisation too. If we remember those old tactics we used to implement to get ranking faster, we definitely get penalized. In short, what most people used to do in the name of Authentic Search Engine Optimisation, is simply called spam. Whether it’s submitting an article in 50 – 75 article directories or Doing two hundred to three hundred directories per day. it all is considered spam now. If you even submit a single article into 6 different article directories then you might get a ranking drop or get penalized. My Motto here is to present you a Search Engine Optimization strategy which will guarantee your success. Here will discuss Off Page Search Engine Optimisation strategies and covers about On Page Techniques in the next article. However, there are lots of good resources available online and you could take help from them to optimize your website. So let’s start –

1). Article Submission – Article submission is a surefire strategy in Search Engine Optimization. If you submit high-quality unique articles and blog posts daily then you can expect to see improvements in a short time. Your article length according to me should be 600 to 700 words. Here are the things you must check before submitting to an article or blog directory.

?> Content-Length – A good length and well-written article or blog have the capability to keep customers engaged and motivate them to share your content. I have realized in the previous 5 or 6 years that I have shared the content which was written to the point and motivates readers to think about their search engine optimization strategy.

?> Content – Quality – Content quality is a must have an attribute in your article or blog post. Without a good quality content, you won’t able to get approval in most article directories. An original as well as Engaging, interesting content. When I am talking about engaging I mean interesting. Which visitors love to read or they feel they have learned something new. It helps a lot in Search Engine Optimization, So your duty is to make them feel like something new learned today. If you able to provide these ingredients than you will definitely get lots of visitors and admirer. Some of them might get stick to your blog and wait for the next blog posts. Your duty is to touch that level which will come with time not instantly. Better hire any content writer to write an engaging article.

?> Submission – After your article has passed these two tests, Now its time to submit it to various article directories. Submit one article to one article directory. I don’t recommend to submit it in two or more categories. It will definitely give you a positive impact in Search Engine Ranking Positions.

2). Social Bookmarking – It was a craze from beginning to submit content to Social bookmarking sites and still somehow people are treating social bookmarking sites as an important source of Getting backlinks. However, they are not completely wrong. Social bookmarking is still playing an important role in getting keyword ranking to move up. So here are the factors according to me –

?> IP Address Checker – Ip address checker will play an important role in providing Unique IP. If you use IP address checker you have fewer chances to submit into spam spreading websites as I have noticed they spammers usually book many domains from single IP.

Wrapping Up – These are the most important things I have noticed in previous years. I am mostly depending upon the social bookmarking websites to get into ranking and if my keywords are already present in ranking than I use Article submissions. I have received positive results using these Off page submission methods. These are very helpful in getting ahead of competitors. Search Engine Optimization is all about doing the right thing at the right moment. I have learned in recent years. My experience tells that if we do proper search engine optimization and use only white hat techniques than we don’t need to fear from any changes in the Google algorithm. So it’s all, for now, I hope you get some learning from above points if you have any queries, confusions feel free to write in the comment section, We will discuss… after all search engine optimization is not any rocket science… We get better results via learning from others.

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