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How to Prioritize SEO Tasks Easily

No matter whether we are working on household project or working on client’s project. This article is going to help you anyway. So we have received project now we have to start implementing work on it So that we can show to client in monthly report. Clients are mainly seeking sales and traffic rather than focusing on SEO tasks mainly. Here we will discuss How to prioritize our SEO tasks, I am simplifying article of Briteny Muller:


1). Start With Finish Line in Mind: As saying go always think about exit before entering.  Always think about your goals whether it’s bigger or smaller. It’s crucial to establish your exit goals.

2). Identify important pages for Conversions:   Once you get project your important step should be to analyze client’s website and search about the potential pages from where sales can be expected.  There is not any benefit on working on every single pages of website.   Ideal step would be to open the Google analytic and check history of sales or traffic. Pages which are proven in past and provided some traffic or sales choose them without thinking anything else. Clients are giving money so that they can earn something with your help “Think That Way”.

3). prioritize the Tasks: Its wise decision to prioritize your tasks in 3 major categories. First is Most Important Second is Important and Third is Least Important.  For Example: Clients project is of 50 keywords, 20 important keywords are ranking in 3rd page and client wants to work on those keywords and you also too sure that once these are in top 10 ranking in Google business will grow up. Its your Most important task. Second are those keywords already ranking In top 10 you need to just do little work on those so they are important. Third keywords are not ranking anywhere keep them in least ranking category and don’t put much of your time. They will take time.

4). Reporting on Time – If you want your client for long term. Create a format however you are free to take idea from outside and keep them inform about certain improvements in ranking and weak areas which needs work and your team is working on them.

I have my own self made Reporting formats. If you need one please feel free to ask for it.  Also if have any questions let me know….

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