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Tips for Heal PCOS Naturally

In mid-2016 I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was already struggling with a lot of emotional issues, the usual post break up turmoil. Somehow, this did not come as a big surprise to me as thanks to my pedigree of being an analyst, I had already read up quite a bit on PCOS, so was quite well aware of the symptoms. My periods were delayed by almost 15 days and I was quite certain that something was not right. The ultrasound confirmed my qualm. I wouldn’t want to exaggerate and say that my world came tumbling down etc etc. Cause the truth of the matter is that it did not. I was a bit upset but was quite certain that if appropriate steps be taken it is definitely something that can I can battle with.

It’s been almost a year and I cannot say for sure that I am PCOS free as I haven’t yet gone to a doc to get an ultrasound done. But I can positively say that my symptoms have reduced drastically. For each person the severity of each symptom can vary considerably, as every pcos is different. What might work for one person need not necessarily work for the other. Nevertheless, there is nothing to lose if you try out some changes in your diet and lifestyle.

So let’s get started

My symptoms

  • Delayed periods
  • Mild – severe acne
  • Weight gain – Not sure if this was the symptom or the cause

Journey to Recovery

Exercise: I know that you have heard it a million times (pardon the hyperbole), but ladies this is a must. I have experienced it in my very own case, the month I am not very regular with my exercise, my periods are delayed. Thirty minutes of exercise, at least three times a week is a must. I usually run for 15 minutes and the rest I devote to stretching, crunches and push-ups.

Coconut Oil: I feel coconut oil is the alpha and omega of health. I am aware it’s fat but the good one and to top it all it helps to balance your hormones. Just google and you will find so many studies and articles on why coconut oil is super food for PCOS. I take one tablespoon of coconut oil daily. I usually don’t cook with it, though many people suggest doing that. I eat it straight out of the jar. And it’s yummy.


Reducing Dairy Intake: Various studies have been done to test the hypothesis that dairy increases the production of estrogen in some females. However not much has been proved. I gave it a shot and I was pleasantly surprised that it did help me quite a bit.

Red Meat: As you are aware that PCOS manifests itself differently in each person, which implies that what might adversely affect one person might not do any harm to the other. My skin just breaks out every time I have beef. So keeping beef at some distance has helped. But yea, I miss my hot meat balls. But that definitely isn’t too big a sacrifice for not seeing the likes of it on my face.

SO try different things and see what works for you.

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