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Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Vincent Peale has shown the way when we were confused? He taught that there is always hope and there is someone in heaven who takes care of everything on earth. Today I invite all the people who have their faith in the teachings of Norman Vincent Peale. There is a strong need to release a wave of positivity. Let the Positivity fly in the air….. We are a family for 4500 and we will pray for each other… let’s release a wave of positivity… Let’s fill the comment box so that someone might get hope that it can get better… We want your experiences of two-three lines about how the work of Norman Vincent Peale has improved your life or when you bought the book for first time etc…. Let’s Pray for each other…..

God, this world’s problems are so complicated
that I cannot make my way without your
guidance. Quicken my mind and deepen my understanding. Help me hear your voice and heed your
advice. Keep me walking along the path behind you.

Only Dreamer Can Be Achievers....
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