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As part of our Steamy iron Interview series, today we have young entrepreneur Manisha Singh, Founder of Floral bay, an online gifting company delivering Flower cake and other gifting items all over India. Manisha is also a good cook and sharing her cooking videos on her YouTube Channel. She is very skilled entrepreneur by her dedicated nature.

➊ First of all, thanks a lot for accepting my interview proposal. My readers and I are very pretty glad to have you. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi. I’m Manisha Singh, Founder & Managing Director of Floral Bay – an Online Gifting company delivering flower cake and other gifting items. I also have a YouTube Channel – Manisha ki Rasoi, where I post cooking videos in my free time.

➋ How did your cooking career get started?

I was always interested in cooking specially items which look very difficult to make but can be made easily and with stuff easily available at home and should be healthy.

➌ When did you realize you wanted to make a career from your cooking?

I have never planned to make it as a career it more of a hobby for me

➍ Tell us about your YouTube Channel. Who is it for, and how do you help them?

I have never decided to make a career out of it it’s just something I love doing also the reason I started my YouTube channel is because of lockdown many of my friends and employees are stuck away from home also at this time craving of eating fast food and other will be more so I decided to start a channel and tell people they can make many things at home without using going out also it will be interesting to cook different food ever day

➎   What makes your Cooking Channel different from other cooking sites?

I have seen many people give recipe which is either very difficult to make or the items used in them are not common so gets difficult to make item looking at those videos so I am trying to make things out of very normal items available at your home and also I will try to give alternate ways of making thing so you don’t get if something is not available with you.

➏ What’s your favorite recipe to cook for?

Chole Bhature (suji ke)

➐ What are you three best cooking tips?

Experiment with your dish
Try using healthy items whenever you can and avoid unhealthy item
Avoid coloring and essence try to make it as natural as possible

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