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List of Mindful Rakhi Gift Ideas 2020 for Your Married Sister

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Sisters are special and the most caring creatures on this planet (obviously after mom). Whether younger or older, she is the exact copy of your mom. The same kind of care, love, and the patience that your mom holds for you is carried forward by the sisters. Sure there are times when she annoys you (and you annoy her too), and you want to beat her like crazy. Every sibling goes through that phase. You know it is a part of siblinghood. But one day, you have to part with this partner in crime when she gets married, and that can be an emotional realization. Once she gets married, you miss all this, and you can not deny this fact. You get to see a different side of her after her marriage. Siblings are really important people, and The love between the siblings never changes. If you are lucky enough to have a sister, you should show some appreciation because without her, oh, boy! Your life would have been so boring, and I don’t need to remind you that with whom you would have been celebrating Raksha Bandhan with.

You may be well aware that the Raksha Bandhan is an important festival based on the love bond between brother and sister. This day sisters tie all the brothers in the bond of love, which is an amulet. Brothers give away rakhi gifts to their sisters in return. You may have gifted her some nasty gifts earlier, but now that she is married, you should send rakhi online that are thoughtful and mindful. To help you to make a better choice, we are here with a list of gifts that can be presented to your married sister on the day of rakhi.

Personalised Hamper

Starting the list with the most amazing gift idea, a personalised Rakhi gift hamper. This rakhi gift hamper has all that a girl can wish for because you are going to get it customised. Make a list of all those things that your sister loves and uses like face masks, scrubs, and all sorts of skincare products. If she is not really into masks and skincare, then you can get a hamper that contains products that are useful for married couples. Now, that’s two shots with one stone as you will impress your brother in law as well.

A Collage of Childhood Memories

Want to make her nostalgic? Here is a gift that will touch the emotional side of your sister; a collage with the pictures of her childhood memories. The thing that she misses in her new life is her family and her memories with you. So gift her a part of her memories by presenting her a photo collage of her childhood. It might require some DIY work from your side, but the hard work is totally worth it. Don’t forget to add pictures of you two together.


Does your sister like perfumes and is guilty of collecting different fragrances? C’mon, she lives with you for so many years, you must be aware of the liking. If the answer is yes to the above question, then the next gift idea for her is perfumes. You can get a single perfume in her favorite fragrance or the fragrance she may like the most. Or split it into small sample bottles if you are not really sure of her choice. This way, there will be ample scents, and the chance of her liking some amongst them will increase. This will be an elegant rakhi gifts for brother after her marriage.

Products for Her Vanity Kit

If she already wasn’t a big fan of makeup, the chances are that she might have started a bit now after her new life. Whatever it is that she uses, like she just puts on lipstick, add some beautiful shades of lipsticks. Instead of going completely clueless while purchasing, ask in her advance what colors she prefers. This way, she will be able to use your gift as well.

So. These are some gift ideas that can be presented to your sister on rakhi day if she is married. Hope you find them useful.

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