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Improve Your Vastu – Vastu Tips for Main Door

Vastu Shastra not only see main door only for entry of home but also entry for Energy. It’s a transition zone through which we enter from outside world.  If it’s according to Vastu Happiness and Good Luck more often comes from this zone.  Let’s know more …

  • Main door should be bigger than any other door of the home and it only should open in Clockwise manner. Avoid having three doors parallel to this zone or it will affect happiness of home.
  • Direction of main door will be north, north east, east or west.
  • Don’t place mirror in opposite to main entrance
  • Main door should always have a threshold, marble or wood, as it absorb negative vibes.
  • It’s very good to decorate with green leaves, if have space.
  • Always put your name plate, if entrance door is in north or west direction then put metal name plate. If door is in north south or east direction then wood name plate is recommended.
  • Avoid any Shadow. Especially shadow of fellow building or any tree.
  • Don’t paint Black Color on main door.
  • Avoid any religious place at front of entrance of Home.
  • North – Silver Color Is Recommended
  • East – Should be made of Wood
  • South – Combination of Metal and Wood
  • West – Metal Work Is Recommended

We have started our series of Vastu Shastra where we will provide information about some important tips and tricks. We hope these will be helpful to improve your home happiness and Good Luck. However we don’t responsible for any mistake in content.

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