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Ideal Format for SEO Monthly Reports with Analytics Insights

Our SEO Monthly Reports are our first impression on the Clients. These reports can make or break our reputation as clients are definitely going to make an opinion about our company and services with these reports. It’s also important for us to make a simple, informative work report to keep all work in place. I am taking you towards the format I find ideal for my projects and clients are giving positive results. I am breaking down this report into 6 Phases and there is no need to send different files. Let’s find out –

1). Index Page – Lets Start SEO Agency Report, First, make the list of all the activities that we are going to perform on a particular project ie: On Page, Off Page etc. Right down these activities in the sequence and add a link to Particular activity page so that client can go to targeted page instantly if he wishes to. Attach a company logo at the Top Left of Page. Its definitely going to put a positive effect.

2) Remaining Activity Pages – We will focus on keeping it simple and same time, will provide clear information about work done for a project. Remaining Activity Page will also add a link to Index in the bottom. I will share a sample report for download. I hope it will help you.

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3). Traffic Status – There is no need to attach every possible Google Analytics report in SEO Monthly Reports. Add only 3 reports and that’s also in the excel sheet. First is Organic Traffic of Particular Month and if you see good improvements than attach a sheet of comparison of the previous month and current month. The second will be all traffic of the current month and it’s important to improvements in this section. If you can’t see improvements than don’t make a mistake of sending him comparison. In case of little improvements, avoid it. A client might make assumptions that he is not getting benefits of paying the money. And the third report would be social traffic. If you see good traffic coming from Social networking sites than add it only otherwise avoid it.

4). Make Only One Sheet for Everything – Once you finish adding all the sheets properly than you will find that it’s quite easy to manage this sheet and it going to be easier in the second month and so on. Clients will find all the details in the one simple sheet and he/ she can ask you questions/confusions directly. He/she can see the improvements easily.

If clients are happy then it will automatically improve our business. Their positive reviews can help us tremendously. So that was all, I will share the link to download the Sample SEO Monthly Reports soon.

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