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Finding love is just magical, everything feels light. We often feel so calm at the start of the relationships, it is like everything is sunshine and rainbows but you must remember that there will always be trials and tribulations. Well, before we begin with the altar, to remind your significant other that you love them you can always get them a fresh flower delivery in pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi and various other cities in the world.

When we talk about trials and tribulations it is not like these are just there to test your love for the other person but these are there to strengthen the bond as well. It is the storms that provide the strength to go the distance. The best thing about the alter is that, it is bound to provide you peace as well. Nothing that a little mindfulness cannot handle.

Even if you are not receiving love in the physical form you must create the vision of the love or the romance that you want in your life and the best part about it is that it will open up to the possibilities in life.

The best place to do is the south-west section of your house, you must clear that place and set the things there. That place is known for healthily managing the relations and it should be chosen for the altar.

You don’t need to go to extreme lengths to get an altar, you can always make one for yourself:


You should select a table or a plain surface to place the altar, this place should be away from the reach of the plant and animals and should be pleasing to look at. We suggest the upper left corner of the room away from the door.

The best thing you can do to remove the anxieties, fear and the uncertainties about your love is that you try to smudge the place with sage and imagine that it is taking away all the negativities associated with it.


You need to set the intentions right. Just take a little while and think to yourself what exactly do you want and what kind of love is being desired by you. It will also let your energy tune into it.


These flowers are necessary as they are said to symbolize the love and the romantic connection that you want. You can always get the flower & cake delivery in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and various other cities.


They are another way of manifesting what you desire as they also work with the law of attraction but the first and foremost thing is that you must feel strongly about it. It will just help the vision that you have manifest in a very quick way and when you meditate you must visualize in details. Make sure that the atmosphere around you is calm and you can concentrate in a very sharp way.


These oils are used in aromatherapy as well you can always take the help of these oils, these oils will surely have a great impact on your concentration and will surely help in boosting it as well.


Don’t let the single things hang around as they are bound to represent the lonely life. you can always opt for the things in pairs as they will increase the energy of being in pairs as well, you must remember that two candles are a must and flowers will just help you increase the energy.


These spiritual icons will just boost your altars vibrations and will surely make you a little better in getting the approach towards the law of attraction and making it all work better make sure that these idols are in pairs like Radha Krishna. As it will only improve your bond.


We all have that perfect pictures with our partners this can also be placed on the altar as this will only improve the bond with you partner in reality as you will only think about the happiest time that you have with them.

We hope that this helps you out and you have a happy and healthy relationship with the one you love. You don’t have to worry about the flowers for your alter either as we have a massive collection of the red and pink flowers that will surely pour some positivity into the alter. You just have to place the order on bloomsvilla. The flowers will always be fresh.

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