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Dos’ and Don’ts in Search Engine Optimization – According to Latest Algorithm Updates

In a recent algorithm update Google has cleared many things like website loading speed on mobile devices, Content Delicacy, and Low-quality back links etc. Webmasters and SEO persons are in great confusion about what to do and what to ignore these days. Here we will try to put some insights on what an ideal Search Engine Optimization strategy should look like and what On Page and Off Page activities, webmasters can perform without fearing from Latest algorithm updates in Search Engines like Google etc. On the way, we will try to find out answers to many questions and you can ask or give any information you find helpful to implement changes for Search engine optimization.

1). On Page SEO – So let’s look at the factors which are affecting the overall Search Engine Optimization game. There are some activities which can be implemented without being feared about the latest algorithmic changes in Google. These are Heading Tags, Meta Tags, Image ALT Tags, Keyword Density, and Content Delicacy etc. Heading Tags optimization will be the same in future as in past. Ideal strategy from my point of view is having 1 <h1> tag 2 <h2> tags, 3 <H3> tags and others you can use as many <h4>, <h5> and <h6> tags etc. In my experience, it’s the best strategy which is providing good ranking improvements in Search Engine Ranking Results. Secondly let’s move towards Meta Tags, as we all know that the length of Meta tags will be the same as we are optimizing from past months. Thirdly Image ALT Tags, Keyword Density and Content Delicacy, the process will be the same for these activities.

2). Off Page SEO – Activities like Social Bookmarking, Article Submissions, Blog Posting, Classifieds Submission and forum posting will be the same as was in past. These are backbones of SEO strategy and will be in my opinion. So the problem arises in my opinion when we create lots of backlinks without putting focus over duplicate IPs, and penalty status of the website. So the ideal strategy should be to create a list of sites on which are going to submit our link then check their IP status and their DA and PA.

These are some basic ideas about how to properly optimize the website without being trapped in the fear of getting penalized by Google or any other search engines. These techniques have helped me in the past and they are in fact helping me now. Some of my websites have been safe during the most dangerous algorithmic changes. So if you have any suggestions which can help other webmasters, You can send your queries and suggestions in the comment section. Also if you want to correct any point please feel free to discuss over it.

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