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Don’t Get Ranking Positions or Business is Low? Read This

Hello Friends, Today we are going to discuss about most common areas to stand in Google’s Top ranking positions. However they are not simply effective alone and whole website needs good care but if you are paying too much money or doing SEO by yourself then you must know about these. If these areas are properly optimized, then work as a backbone in improving and maintaining your ranking positions.

Website Look: I am going to talk about difficult equations here as we see in Chemistry and Physics. Online Marketing is simple and its world’s simplest thing to optimize a website once you learn SEO properly. So let’s focus on topic as words suggest your website should be attractive but in SEO term attractive means simpler to use. There is benefit of spending money on creating a complex website for which you have to hire someone for maintenance. It should be simpler to use and usesrs should understand in first look what this website is all about, what type of services it offered and how? If users won’t get that kind of feeling then it will take lots of time to attain top ranking. Focus Mainly on:


  • Keyword Selection – It is most important part initially. If you do it well then you will reap fruits of your effort very soon but if keyword selection is not correct then you will get confused why ranking is not improving or if ranking is good then why business is low.


  • Website Images – Google don’t recognize images so it’s important to add title text or alt text. Do it properly and it will help you in the way.

  • Content on Page – Content is King. Without having content or having duplicate content or content with improper keyword density can lend you in problems.



Other important Factors are :-

  • Clear Navigation System
  • Back links creations
  • Proper Meta Tags

Feel free to ask me If you have any queries. If you want us to review your website and give SEO score then please let us know below Comments.

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