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Digital TV Tuner Device Registration

A digital TV tuner device registration is a planned application that is connected to Media Center of Windows. It facilitates you with premium digital channels from your cable owner directly from your pc. It always continues its work in the backside of windows and consistently locating for TV channels from your computer with which TV tuners are connected. 

The central connection of the digital TV tuner device registration is ehPrivJob.exe. This connection functions to put together digital TV tuner and computers. The ‘eh’ here means eHome, and it has connections with the digital TV tuner device registration besides the media center of windows.


There is also dark sides of this digital TV tuner device registration as you set it on your pc it will slow down your computer. Moreover, these apps are regarded as virus threats by antivirus software in your PC, and you will get a virus warning every second while running your PC. It isn’t delightful for you while performing some tasks on your PC or watching channels from PC. Meanwhile your antivirus tool sends you warnings of virus within your pc due to digital TV tuner registration. If you want to get rid of these warnings or irritation, you should remove this digital TV tuner registration from your PC. The benefits which it provides are overcome by lagging which it causes to PC. If you do not want to permanently remove it hen inactivate it and turn it on only when you need to watch digital channels from PC. 

The Digital TV tuner Device Registration has been widely discouraged due to threats and issues it causes to our computers. For instance, if you are running digital TV tuner device registration app on your pc, some antivirus tools like MCAFEE and Avast will continuously send your pc threats of virus. It does not only happen to particular windows; instead, it is found to slow down windows 7, windows 8.1 and also windows 10. Most people are concerned with the slow down issue of digital TV tune app, and they always wish to pursue different tricks to get rid of these issues while benefiting from this digital tuner app as per an expert researcher at Online essay Help UK.

Is it safe to use the Digital TV tuner device registration on PC?

If you are concerned to remove Digital TV tuner device registration for security reasons, then you do not have to worry at all. However, concerning the performance of your PC, you can think to remove the digital TV tuner device registration and make your PC free of lagging and slowing down issues. Although it slows down your pc performance yet, it does not undertake 70 % sources of your PC. Your PC slows down only when you are continuously using it as you can inactivate it for sometimes to refresh your PC and it only slows down PC during boot mode not whole processing of your PC. 

When does it cause specific issues on a computer?

Generally, ehPrivJob.exe does not impose a significant burden on your system as it does not consume too many sources of pc. Moreover, there are certain conditions when ehPrivJob.exe causes serious problems, yet it offers digital tuning. People face issue with ehPrivJob.exe when it proposes huge file burden to your storage device or SSD. It may cause a shortage of space for you by storing substantial data files on HHD or SSD. It threatens to make many false registration entries that may impact the speed and performance of your PC. Whether you should get rid of ehPrivJob.exe or not it entirely revolves around your activities on your PC. If you are benefiting from digital TV tuner device registration by watching digital TV channels, then you should not remove it as it will diminish digital cable tuning features. Otherwise, if you are not enjoying digital channels from ehPrivJob.exe, then it would be beneficial for your PC to remove it immediately. 

How to get rid of The Digital TV tuner Device registration quickly?

If your PC has slowed down due ehPrivJob.exe processing and you are not getting digital TV tuning from it, then you have no reason to retain it on your pc as it will be a burden on your pc. Therefore you should better find ways to get rid of it. There are some best ways to remove it from your pc to increase its performance. However, by removing it, you are losing benefits of watching digital TV channels from your pc instead of your TV. You will lose all-digital TV tuner device registration features by removing it from your PC. Hence, you can go to add or Remove programs facility to inactivate media center of windows from windows facilities list. 

Here are some most simple tips to remove it.

  • Press Windows button with R to see a RUN facility option. Then you should write appwiz.cpl and enter to run program and files options. 
  • You will find on the left hand the Turn Windows Features with on or off options inside Programs and Files box press it. 
  • You have to wait until windows media feature is wholly opened, then extend the drop-down options within media features and get rid of spots related to windows media features and players.
  • You will be asked for confirmation removal click on YES.

Finally press enter for processing and wait until final changes happen. 

Another method to uninstall it from your PC

If it’s complicated for you, then you can apply more accessible and more straightforward approach to remove this. You can uninstall this digital TV tuner device registration app form your control panel. You can go to control panel then programs and uninstall programs so take a look on the list of all programs and find Digital TV tuner device registration app and uninstall it there. After all, restart your computer if needed. 

Now your PC can run without any trouble. If you want to download it again, you can download the app from the internet again and install it for digital tuning on your pc. 

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