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Deep Drive in to Mind to Understand the Psychology of Hope

Hope is part of our character or Personality. Hope needs to be developed just like the exercising in gym work I am hoping this article works the same. Let’s start the raw part and divide the hope into categories so that we have a better understanding of the process. Hope is of 4 types: attachment, mastery, survival and spiritual.

1). Attachment Hope – Keeping a trust is a big task these days. Attachment hope is used to build and keep trusting relationships.

2). Next one is mastery hope. It is being used to become strong and successful. It is generally inspired by good role models.

3). Next one is Survival Hope, Suppose if you are in trouble or difficulty. Survival hope will help you to successfully manage your fears.
4). To feel close to nature and human beings Spiritual hope is being used to draw extra strength.

Let’s understand first what hope is and how it works? Hope is a feeling when you have achieved your goal when you are excited about to achieve any goal or you have already figured out how to achieve your goal.

Many different psychologists have defined hope differently. Here is one other definition that seems to fit for hope. Merriam Webster Dictionary says hope is a filling of wanting something to happen and believe that I can happen.

Here is a task for all the readers. Think deeply what hope means to you and write down in comments. I will soon write next part of the article and will continue it in a series.

Only Dreamer Can Be Achievers....
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