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Current Affairs Quiz November 2nd Week

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Name India's first Individual Covid 19 policy Edelweis Tokyo life insurance company?

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Roopkund lake of Uttrakhand is also known as?

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What will be the venue for the International bird festival to be organised in February 2021?

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Which Country's World Longest-serving PM Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa passed away?

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Indias longest bridge over a river in the northeast is expected to be completed by 2026-27 and it will be connected to which two states?

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Who won the international peace prize 2020?

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Union minister of health and family welfare launched a 3-month campaign 'SAANS' to reduce child pneumonia deaths to less than 3 deaths per 1000 live births. What is the target year?

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Which Bollywood actor is set to pen his autobiography "I am no massiah"

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Where is TMT project is being installed for which Indian astronomers collaborated with 2020 physics Nobel Laureate professor Andrea Ghez?

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Where is the headquarter of UNESCO?

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Joseph Robinette Biden is set to become 46th President whereas Kamala Devi harris will become the first woman to serve as Vice President of the US. They belong to which party?

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Paris masters officially known as 2020 Rolex Paris masters is associated with which sport?

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Where is headquarter of the International Energy Agency?

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Which bank partnered with fintech pay nearby to launch a neo banking platform in India?

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Which countries nOPV2 polio vaccine becomes the first-ever vaccine to be listed under WHO's for emergency use listing?

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A 14 days long virtual program named AIM - Serius Innovation Program 3.0 has been launched for school children. It is India's first bilateral youth innovation initiative with which country?

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Who will head the 9 member working group set up by IRDAI to revisit the product structure of engineering tariffs?

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What % of river Ganga has a high diversity of biodiversity according to the first-ever study done in India on the entire river Ganga by wildlife institute of India?

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Who won the 49th edition of Paris masters officially known as 2020 Rolex Paris Masters in the men's single category?

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Who has been elected as the state counselor of Myanmar for the second free elections in Myanmar, Since the country was liberated from military rule in 2011?

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Name the first country to launch the worlds first 6G satellite named "UESTC" satellite (Star Era-12) with an aim to test communications from space?

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Who is the beneficiary of PM KUSUM?

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Danda Jatra Dance is associated with which state?

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Which Countries NoPV2 polio vaccine becomes the first-ever vaccine to be listed under WHO's for Emergency use listing?

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Which tech giant signed an agreement to acquire a 100% share of post bank systems (PBS) AG from Deutsch BankAG ?

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Which metro rail corporation will lay down the first vibration absorb railway track in India?

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Who has virtually inaugurated the Australia - India water Centre on November 6, 2020

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When is Ayurveda day celebrated globally?

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Bharati Axa general insurance partnered with whom to offer smart drive private car insurance?

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UN World Science Day for Peace and Development is observed on?

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Which bank in association with EAP India introduced an Employee Assistance Program for its employee and their family members 24*7?

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Which app was launched as the first-ever initiative to help covid 19 patients reach healthcare facilities in EV (Electric Vehicle) for free of cost in Delhi?

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What is % of GDP target by the 15th Finance commission for health expenditure by including the health care scenario for the first time in India?

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IFSCA in a meeting has approved International Financial Services Centre Authority Regulation 2020 to lay down the rules for the various aspects of banking operations. Expand the term IFSCA?

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Chilika bird sanctuary is located in which state?

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What is the name of the earth observatory satellite launched by ISRO(November 2020)? along with 9 international customer satellites from Andhra Pradesh?

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Where is India's first sandalwood museum being launched?

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Which bank launched smart hub merchant solutions 3.0 Indias first comprehensive banking and payment solutions for merchants via visa?

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Where is Amrabad tiger reserve located?

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What will be India's GDP for the Calender year 2020 as per Moodys global Macro outlook 2021-22?

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Which state won first prize for the best state award under the normal category at the 2nd national water awards for 2019?

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Where are the two lakes namely Lonar lake and Sur Sarovar also known as keetham lake which added to the Ramsar Sites in November 2020 located?

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Which state has won first place in the union ministry of Jal Shakti's 2nd national water awards for 2019 under the best state (normal) category for conservation and management of water?

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Name the project launched by Haryana Govt. to fight air pollution?

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Where is second world health expo being held?

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The union ministry of health and family welfare launched a 3-month campaign 'SAANS' to reduce child pneumonia deaths to less than 3 deaths per 1000 live births. What is the year?

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The 13th UMI Conference was held virtually first time on the theme "Emerging trends in urban mobility". What is the aim of UMI?

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The Fehmarnbelt tunnel, the worlds'  longest tunnel is under construction and expected to open to the public in 2029. It connects Denmark with which country?

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Ministry of Shipping is renamed as?

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According to the International Energy Agency report, Renewable 2020 analysis and forecast to 2025, India will double its green energy capacity by which year?

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Which state topped the index Interstate Migrant policy index 2019 released by India migration now?

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Who topped the 7th edition of edelgive Hurun India philanthropy list 2020 released by The Hurun India and Edelgive Foundation?

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In Which state PM Narendra Modi Inaugurated a housing complex for players in Sampurnanand Stadium during his visit?

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Where is the headquarter of the Indian Table Tennis Federation(ITTF)?

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Finance Minister gave approval for the creation of a National Database of Unorganized workers. what is an expected outlay of NDUW?

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