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Current Affair Quiz November 2020

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November 2020 Current Affairs Quiz

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Which state launched green innovation fund, a six-month-long cohort-based fund linked accelerator program for social impact startups?

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Which educational entity has launched NICE Program along with National Mineral Development Council?

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The central government on November 4, 2020, issued the arbitration and conciliation ordinance 2020 to further amend which act?

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Cabinet Committee on economic affairs approved 1810.56 crores for 210 MW luhri Stage 1 hydroelectric project in which state?

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Where did archeologists of India and Canada found evidence of dairy production in the Indus valley civilisation's recent study?

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In which state energy efficiency bureau launch the go electric campaign to set up 400 electric vehicle charging stations?

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Union minister of earth sciences Harsh Vardhan released the report " Estimating the Economic benefits of investments in National Monsoon Mission and high facility computing facilities. Who prepared the report?

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In which state did the energy efficiency bureau launch the go electric campaign to set up 400 electric vehicle charging stations?

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What amount is the target credit of the Emergency Credit line Guarantee Scheme?

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Which Indian naval ship delivered 100 tons of food aid to port Sudan as part of mission Sagar!!?

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Indo-Israeli center of excellence for vegetable protected cultivation is being set up in which state?

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India's first solar-driven miniature train has been virtually inaugurated in which state?

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Indias first ever e-resource center Nyay Kaushal has been inaugurated in which State/UT?

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Name the initiative launched by Indian railways to ensure the safety of women passengers on trains?

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Which scheme guidelines have been revised by the Dept. of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of chemical and fertilizers for promotion of domestic manufacturing of bulk drugs and manufacturing devices?

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Which ministry released a draft model act and rules for states on conclusive lands to minimize litigation and ease the land acquisition process for infrastructure projects?

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