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Checklist for hiring any Search Engine Optimization services Provider Firm

There are thousands of companies online which are providing marketing services including Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click, Social Media Optimization etc. As we know its necessity these days to hire any online marketing services provider firm. Whether its Search Engine Optimization or Pay per Click your website needs an expert who has the knowledge and some experience in the field.

Here are the checklist which will help you to choose best deserved agency or freelancer for your website. The checklist covers all the necessary factor which will provide benefit to your website. Let’s have a look and let me know about your questions.

1). Prior Experience – It is important for the agency to show any prior experience in the online marketing field. Whether it’s Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click or Social Media Optimization, don’t forget to ask about the prior experience. If the agency has all the necessary proofs ie: If we are hiring for Search Engine Optimization, they can show you, clients, previous ranking, improvements after they started work on the client’s website, Clients Google Analytics Report, Organic Searches report etc.  If they can show you the above-mentioned documents you can choose move ahead with them.

2). Their Own Website – Don’t forget to ask about their own website. If they are claiming to be number one online marketing services provider they must have their own website. You can ask about their own website and check the outlook of the website and how many points you will give them on the scale of 1 to 10.

3). Keywords Ranking Positions – If  someone is claiming to get you top ranking positions then they must have their own keywords ranked at least in the first page of Google. Ask them to show their own ranking, it’s good if they shared ranking of their clients but you can trust on them if they show you top ranking positions of their own website.

These are some important points to help you choose the best search engine optimization agency or freelancer for your website. If you keep these points in mind these will help you to avoid any fraud agency or freelancer.  If you have any questions you can feel free to contact at Promotingwebs.com.

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