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Check Tire Pressure of Your Car like Pro

Think of a situation where, while going to a long drive, the tire pressure of your car is low? Then this can be a severe issue; same goes with the car having too high tire pressure. People don’t know how to check the tire pressure of their car most of the times, and this increases the money spent on the tire and gas. You can consult GoKleen to avail its car wash at home service so that your car can be cleaned and the tire pressure can be checked. Go through this blog to know how and why to check the tire pressure.
Importance of Checking Tire Pressure
Checking the tire pressure daily is important if you don’t want to damage your car. Tire pressure is considered as the vital part of the vehicle’s health, so you have to make sure that you maintain it.
✔ If your car has good tire pressure, then it can help you in preventing the blowouts and the flat.
✔ Having the equalized tires helps in keeping the car aligned.
✔ Wear and tear of your tires will increase when tire pressure of the car is wrong.
✔ Having over-inflated tires will decrease the handling of your car, and then it will be more vulnerable to accidents.
How to Check the Tire Pressure of Your Car?
Checking tire pressure comes under maintenance of the car, and it is easy to check it. Most of the car has the electronic tire pressure gauges that can be used to see the tire pressure, but you should always know how to check it manually.
You should check the pressure of your car’s tire at home itself before going on a drive. Because if you check the pressure just after or while driving the car, then it can show your wrongs readings.

Working Of Tire Pressure Gauge
The tire pressure gauge is attached at the nozzle to read the PSI of your car’s tire. PSI is the number on the bottom of the gauge to the hose. The hose is used to inflate the tires which eventually will pop the gauge. You have the option to use traditional as well as a digital tire pressure gauge.
Steps To Follow To Check Tire Pressure
✔ You have to identify the PSI in the driver manual of your car.
✔ Even see that the PSI of your car’s tire sidewall is not lower than recommended PSI.
✔ Now remove the nozzle cap of the car’s tire and then use the tire gauge to check PSI of each tire when the engine is cool.
✔ Fill the car’s tire until the recommended PSI by using the air compressor.
✔ At last, replace the nozzle cap.
Conditions under Which Tire Pressure of Car Varies
✔ Hot tire pressure
✔ Normal recommended tire pressure of the car
✔ Cold tire pressure of the car
✔ Towing and hauling
✔ Tire strength
✔ Number of Passengers in the car.
How Often Should You Check The Tire Pressure Of Your Car?
You can check the tire pressure of your car every month so that it can help you in maintaining fuel economy. However, it will be best if you check the pressure of your car’s tire after any special condition like long trips, heatwave and cold spell.
When to Check the Tire Pressure of Your Car?
✔ If your car is not driving straight but is running left and right then you have to check it.
✔ More gas is consumed by the car than the usual.
✔ If you need to put extra strain on the car’s brakes, i.e. during sliding, loose handling and skidding.
✔ The tread is smoother on the centre of the car’s tire that leads to the condition of over-inflation.
You can avail the professional car cleaning service from the GoKleen to make sure that professionals are keeping an eye on the tire pressure of your car.

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