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Which is better to Get New Leads – SEO, SMO and Pay per Click

We often hear about the different online methods to promote our product and services online and increase our leads and get more money. However most people get confused when they try to find the difference in between different approaches of online marketing. One of my good friends has recently started his travel website. He came to ask about which strategy is best suitable for more as he said he is confused about the different approaches. He has contact in an online marketing services provider agency and they elaborate the different approaches in a way they all appeared same to him.  Its problem with the most people. Sometimes it’s because of lack of the agency person that they failed to give clear details and purpose of these different techniques. So firstly it’s important to know about the purpose of Search engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and Pay Per click clearly. In below article I am trying to make things clear and my effort will be successful if you able to understand even a penny what I am trying to explain as I am not very professional writer. So let’s start with SEO.

1). Search Engine Optimization –   Search engine optimization is a process to get keywords in top ranking positions in Google and other major search engines. It has no direct relationship just like SMO with social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Linked in and Google Plus but they are helpful as these sites can provide good backlinks.

2). Social Media Optimization – It has direct relationship with social sites. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus etc. are the main source to generate the traffic and sales on websites.

3). Pay per Click – Pay per click ads appears on top of the webpage along with Search Engine Optimization results. However both results appear same but there is very least similarity in the process of both approaches. Pay per Click is the paid approach.

So we understood here in this article about the basic difference in between the major approaches i.e.: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and Pay per Click.  SEO and PPC are both related to appear on search engine ranking results but pay per click is a paid approach and Search engine optimization is a different approach.  The process of both the approaches are very different and have very least similarity, so who want to learn online marketing they need to learn the both approaches (SEO and PPC) differently. Now Social media Optimization is third one it has nothing to do with Search engines, it is focused approach to generate traffic and business from social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and Instagram, Google Plus and Linked in etc. Some countries have different local social media sits so the Social media approach will focus on those different local sites.  I will write articles time to time about the online marketing techniques and it covers the vast areas. Any questions and suggestions will go to Comment box. Hope to see you webmasters there soon.

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