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Is your wardrobe full of different kinds of bottoms that are devoid of a feminine touch? Have you have piled it up with pants like jeans, leggings, jeggings and what not.  Then it is high time you gave it a feminine touch with an addition of some skirts, for example, grey maxi skirt.

No need to be unisex

Pants may be preferred as bottom wear by some women because they tend to cover the legs in full. Whereas wearing a knee length skirt your legs are left uncovered. So when you wear such a skirt you need to take extra care of grooming your legs. Using waxing and other hair removal tactics can be time consuming and painful.

To avoid this and also to look chic and trendy women generally, prefer a pant for bottom wear. This is both practical and timesaving. But doing so deprives the women of giving them a feminine touch. This is necessary in many situations. Especially when on a date or some party you may need to discard your unisex look and for once look more ladylike.

Upgrade your wardrobe

This then calls for upgrading your wardrobe with skirts especially a grey long maxi skirt or something such. You do not have to look far for them. You have every clothing outlet in malls, supermarkets and even the street side stocking up on skirts including long maxi skirts. It is also possible to shop for them online. Just log in to any site selling women’s clothing online. Look for long maxi skirts on sale. An array of them will be lined up for you to choose and pick.

You can pair one with different kinds of tops like t-shirts, tank tops, crop tops or even any kind of blazer for that matter.  These combinations can be your wardrobe staples. These are comfy wear and can be worn in any season from winter to fall to spring and summer. This can be worn by people of any size and shape. In fact, it can make a short person seem a bit taller too. If being short has always bothered you, wear more of maxi skirts and you will see the difference how people react.

Adaptable clothing

The maxi skirts can be said to be versatile in nature. You can wear one as a casual wear for any outing, when you are hosting a party or even flaunt it when attending a party. You can even wear a maxi skirt to the office. The only thing is you need to pair it with a right top to give the right feel of the attire you have worn.

So add some maxi skirts to your wardrobe and start looking more feminine. To look professional or streamlined you don’t have to go unisex or flaunt clothing that men wear. Even these female dresses like the maxi skirt can make you look more formal and trendy at the same time. Even in an office setting, you may not look out of place. So go for it. Stock up your wardrobe with the latest designs of maxi skirts.

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