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5 Tips to purchasing a gaming laptop under $1500

When you are purchasing a gaming laptop for under $1500, there are a number of factors that one needs to consider. The fact that you are looking for a gaming laptop means that you have to search for one that can perform to your best expectations. To this end, the cost may to some extent determine the best laptops for your gaming needs. However, as long as you understand what is really needed in gaming laptops, then you are in a better position to choose some of the best.


There are many types of gaming laptops out there that you can buy at under $1500. However, you have to be aware of a number of features that can guide you to get something worth your money. When you read the  10 of the Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 – A Buyer’s Guide and Facts on this page, you should be better off to choose the best.

Here are 5 tips that can guide you to purchase a gaming laptop that is under $1500:

  1. Graphics Card

The graphics card is one of the most important aspects of your laptop that you should check. All gamers know that the graphics card will come in handy when it comes to running the various games on your laptop. This is normally a requirement in many of the games that you will play on your laptop. With the graphics card, the better the performance, the more expensive they tend to become.

  1. The Central Processing Unit

There are many companies that manufacture good CPUs for your gaming laptop under $1500. However, if you want to get the best performance, then you have to think of buying the laptops that run the Intel Processor. It is a well-known fact that their latest i3 motherboards would perform better than their competitors when it comes to gaming laptops. You can always bank on their i5 and i7 processors for all your gaming needs in laptops under $1500. If you are not sure about the kinds of games you can run with these kinds of processors, you can always contact your store salesmen.

  1. RAM

The Random Access memory of your laptop is another factor that you have to consider for your gaming needs. A 4-6 GB of RAM capacity on your laptop could handle your average gaming tasks. For casual gamers, a RAM of 6-8 GB would be good for casual gaming. This would also be good for your basic multimedia uses.

However, a RAM of 8GB and above is the perfect one for the hardcore gamers. You see, this is RAM that is sufficient for the latest games and latest technology. Depending on the kind of games that you want to play on your laptop under $1500, you have to consider the RAM for the same.

  1. Drive

This is the internal memory of the laptop that you will buy. There are currently two types of hard drives that are on the market. We have the SSD and the HDD. For your best gaming experience, the SSD would be the best option. SSD is also known to be much more durable when compared to the HDD.

  1. The Screen

This is yet another very important factor that one needs to consider on your gaming laptop. The larger screen sizes would be better for your gaming experience. However, it could make it quite difficult to move around with the laptop. You should also consider the resolution of your laptop. One with 1080p resolution is ideal as it will be much more efficient for power. You want a laptop with a screen that does not eat into too much of your power. As such, those with 4k resolutions would not be ideal when you are buying a gaming laptop under $1500.


Source – RealWebGeeks

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