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5 Key components that make a Volunteer Management Software best

Earlier all check-in check-outs and volunteers were managed using pen and register, later on, we came to clipboards and excel sheet and now most of us use a Volunteer Management Software. It’s not how technology changed our lives but also simplified the management of all these activities happening around. Be a privately owned institute, government school or a company, the software introduces several benefits to all. Aside from regular common features of a volunteer management system, there are few features that make one of this software stand as best.
Here is the list of five uncommon features that make a Volunteer Management Software.

1. Cloud-based technology: whether it is a regular visitor tracking software or a big Volunteer Management Software, there integration with cloud-based technology will always be beneficial. Few of its benefits are listed below:
• Real-time information: You can easily view all information that is updating any time. Be it a registration, check-in or out, activity etc. all the information will be saved as per real time.
• Always updated will all latest activities: Cloud database will always keep you updated by sending notification each time a change is being made.
• Access throughout the world: The cloud database will allow you to access the Volunteer Management Software easily from anywhere around the world. You need not be always present at a single location merely logging into your account will show all the activities saved and recorded by a Volunteer Management Software.
• No installation required: All the cloud-based data can be accessed online by logging into an administrative account without downloading any application.

2. Comprehensive verification of background: It includes verification of various verification levels. Few of such are listed below:
• Background checking with an international database
• Specifying levels of screening
• Changing the verification level to re-checking after a particular period of time to ensure the correctness of identity.

3. Geo-fencing based application: A great Volunteer Management Software must have an inbuilt application to auto-detect the motion and send notification along the picture whenever anyone passes near from the geo-fencing area.

4. Restricting unauthorized persons: It must be capable of rejecting the registration or check-in of users who are listed as restricted under the un-authorized list present in its database.

5. Verify the status of pre-registered users: It must be capable of matching the entries with the database of already registered persons to avoid multiple registrations against a single person.

So these were 5 key parameters that make the Volunteer Management Software stand best among the regular check-in and out software. Hope you enjoyed discovering these.

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